While voice revenues are plummeting everywhere and the traditional world of telecom seems to be dying, telecom giant Atlas Telecom has decided to aggressively pursue the IP-based messaging business with significant investments in the space.  In the next 15 months, the company will repurpose its infrastructure, invest in additional technologies and expand its product portfolio to meet the demands of the business.  More importantly, it will leverage its existing network of tier-one carriers but also take leadership positions into new markets where A2P messaging is poised to grow fast.

Says Adam Boulel, CEO of Atlas Telecom: “many may found our decision surprising but with 20 years in telecom, we like the basic fundamentals of the A2P messaging space: it is going to grow tremendously and worldwide. We realize that messaging will be around forever as a core fabric of the basic mobile experience.  A2P messaging provides businesses with the simplest communication, affordable tool to reach consumers.

It caters to a massive mass market audience that is accepting of this channel.  The prospects are even more exciting in emerging markets where the industry is still new and messaging is the de-facto way to the mobile consumer.  Unlike many players who will try to enter this space, we can leverage our assets almost immediately and offer to customers and operators a myriad of innovative solutions that have been tested.

To meet the executives of Atlas Telecom at Mobile World Congress and find out more about upcoming Atlas Telecom’s upcoming A2P solutions, send an email to contact@atlastelecom.com.