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The A2P messaging market could hit $58.8 billion in 2020, says new report
7 July, 2016

The A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging market was worth $12.9bn in 2015. That’s according to a new report from mobile intelligence and customer insight…

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What on earth is A2P messaging?
1 June, 2016

Hands up. Who has been in a business meeting where the host is constantly using three letter acronyms and you are…

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The Cost of Fraud In The A2P SMS Ecosystem, A Back-Of-The-Envelope Calculation
19 May, 2016

Fraud costs businesses and consumers money – but the size of the loss is often hard to quantify.  As MEF launches…

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Report: 66% of operators can’t block A2P traffic from illegal third-party sources
15 October, 2015

Research from Tyntec, a mobile services company, and analyst firm Mobilesquared found that mobile operators are experiencing a boon in app-to-person…

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9 Reasons why the best marketers use SMS marketing
27 August, 2015

SMS is relatively quick, easy and cost effective to implement – the perfect partner to the time poor marketer. SMS marketing…

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Viber targets enterprises with new A2P messaging service
21 August, 2015

Viber has launched a new API for application-to-person (A2P) messaging that enables enterprises to deliver personalised messages to customers. MORE DEVELOPERS STORIES …

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Leveraging the A2P SMS opportunity
20 October, 2014

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The rise of A2P and P2A Messaging
10 March, 2014

It took person-to-person SMS just a few years to skyrocket and fall by the wayside to OTT-messaging. Despite that development, a…

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