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Atlas SMS A2P Messaging:
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What is A2P messaging:

A2P messaging is defined by a system where an SMS message is sent from an application (typically a web application) to a mobile subscriber.  They usually come from companies in industries like marketing, media, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, banking, tourism, financial services, and retail or advertising agencies.  These include bank notifications, travel delay alerts, SMS advertisements, surveys etc.


The value to consumers and enterprises

A2P messaging unleashes the power and extends the reach of corporate communication! Enterprise continuously struggle to better connect with their customers; yet they are consistently looking for ways to better engage with them anytime, anywhere.  A2P messaging enables any business to have a direct interaction with its customers via their mobile phone, and in the process improve its customer service. Simultaneously, it gives consumers an easier way to stay connected to their favorite brands, take advantage of opportunities (coupons, events…) and make life easier to navigate an ever complex mobile world.


The value to mobile operators

With voice and traditional SMS P2P revenues decreasing, A2P messaging is a new found source of income for operators as they introduce a high-value solution to enterprise customers.  It is a highly lucrative opportunity for mobile operators to convert a tremendous volume of SMS and translate that into significant amounts of revenue.  Furthermore, by introducing A2P messaging, operators immediately monetize their existing core assets and old infrastructure while expanding the mobile ecosystem across all segments of the market and enabling even more customer to business communications.  These services have been a quiet revenue generator in most markets but its value will be exponential in new markets where mobile is the main channel for enterprise to touch their customers.


Atlas Telecom’s value proposition

For 20 years, Atlas telecom has become an undisputed leader with a proven ability to work with mobile operators and unparalleled expertise in delivering services to mobile consumers.  It is particularly known for its tremendous IT capabilities in the mobile space, having built systems that can handle large traffic, a complex network of carrier interconnections managed from various hubs, CRM software and analytical tools as well as billing platforms. This is why we are able to make A2P simple for all parties involved, and we are doing it via a simple 3-way approach:

  1. Connect: enterprise customers, large and small, will be able to take advantage of Atlas’ infrastructure and large network of operators.
  2. Onboard:through our API and self-serve tools, our customers will be able to build their own audience or plan their own campaigns or direct messages to consumers.
  3. Deliver: we will make sure the messages are properly and securely delivered to its recipients on any network, whether it’s to a single consumer or millions.


Our global reach is large and growing.  With multiple gateways and termination contracts on most networks, we are able to deliver both domestic and international traffic:

  • Atlas International traffic gateways
    • Through direct and partner connections, we are able to deliver your messages into most networks in the world fast and securely.
    • Check country and rate – dropdown of all available destinations
  • Domestic traffic
    • Whether you are a local bank, local retailer, ad agency or a government entity looking to communicate to your local customers or constituents, we provide a one-stop shop solution to help you achieve this goal. No need to build your own infrastructure (which we already have) or try to cut a deal with the mobile operators (who are already our partners): focus on your business and simply connect to our domestic gateway that will do the rest.