Atlas Telecom, the leader in global telecom services, is happy to announce its partnership with Mobile-XL to deliver A2P SMS traffic in Africa.  With this partnership, the parties will combine Atlas’ massive infrastructure and 20 years telecom experience with Mobile-XL’s unique vast expertise, relationships, and knowledge of value added services for operators in Africa and other emerging markets.

“We are particularly excited about this partnership” says Philippe Bednarek, chairman of Atlas Group of Companies.

Opportunities in the A2P market highlight the beginning of a new and different era for SMS messaging. Recent years have shown steadily growing interest towards A2P service, with the continuing popularity of text messaging as the preferred mode of communication between enterprise and its customers.

Working with Mobile-XL will enable Atlas Telecom to maximize all the upcoming opportunities in this growing segment of the mobile market.

“Atlas Telecom symbolizes the type of partners we like to work with and introduce to our markets: experienced, open-minded and financially strong” says Guy Kamgaing, CEO of Mobile-XL. “When you couple Atlas’ immense existing traffic in voice and messaging with its vast global network of operators,we are confident that we will be a powerful conduit to a lot of un-monetized messaging traffic.  Our customers, the major mobile operators in emerging markets and especially Africa, trust us to bring to them Value-Added services that make sense for their business, and we often do it with carefully selected exceptional partners. With Atlas onboard, we will expand our offering to our customers again with a high degree of confidence that the business will be based on a solid foundation and built for the long term”.

About Atlas Telecom:

Atlas Telecom brings decades of innovation to the telecom industry. It started with traditional voice services to carriers and end users in North America, Europe and Africa. It evolved to a diversified worldwide service provider while maintaining its customer bases of carriers and End Users.

Atlas Telecom is committed to investing in building long lasting relationships with customers and partners, and leveraging its cross-industry technical expertise with its renowned creativity to maximize its bottom line as well as its partners.

Atlas Telecom is a company owned by the Atlas Group of Companies, managing the telecom infrastructures and services of its retail and wholesale business units, and benefits from the Group’s vast global footprint.

About Mobile-XL:

About Mobile-XL™: Mobile-XL™ ( is a California-based technology company focused on creating and launching mobile value added services in emerging markets through partnerships with telecom operators. Mobile-XL’s™ mission is to bridge the digital divide by universally connecting families, friends, communities and businesses using all available channels available, from messaging to data. Mobile-XL™ has accumulated more than 10+ years of experience working on the ground in these markets while successfully introducing innovative, ground-breaking technologies built on complex software platforms.